Owner, Jazzercise Instructor 15 yrs

Sherrie has been interested in health and fitness since graduating college with a degree in Nutrition from Oregon State University in 1995.  With a passion for aerobics, she started going to Jazzercise classes throughout her college years.  She loved it so much that she decided to become an instructor in 2005 to share that passion with others and just recently became an owner in May of 2018.


Jazzercise Instructor, May 2018

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Jazzercise Instructor

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Jazzercise Instructor, July 2018

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Jazzercise Instructor

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Jazzercise Instructor

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Jazzercise Instructor, 16 years

Julie started Jazzercising when her mom saw an ad in the Columbian newspaper for it and encouraged her to join (even buying her first EFT pass). Julie loved it! Though she has been teaching for 15 years, she was originally certified in Jr. Jazzercise - she found that she enjoyed dancing with her adult friends more! Julie loves Jazzercise because it is a safe and effective workout that allows her to not only grow physically but mentally stronger. She said she has had the privilege of developing long lasting friendships with women who have supported her through many stages of her life.


Jazzercise Instructor, 4 years

Kayla first started Jazzercise in college after attending a class with her mom. As an athlete she wasn't sure if Jazzercise would be the right type of workout for her but as soon as she tried it she was hooked! It's upbeat, fun and kicks!! She LOVES coming to class. Not only does she get an amazing workout but she gets to spend an hour a day in her "happy place" with amazing people.


Jazzercise Instructor, 27 years

Reesa has been a Jazzercise Instructor since 1992.  She fell in love with Jazzercise in the late 70's when she would attend classes with her mom.  She has been a dancer since she was five years old. Dance is her passion and she loves sharing that passion with others!  Reesa works at the Center for Health Researcher as a Technical Director for Coordinating Center research projects. She is recently married to Tom and they have three children between the two of them and a fabulous labradoodle named Indy.


Jazzercise Instructor, 16 years

Sarah has been teaching Jazzercise for over 16 years. She has been married to Phil for the same amount of time! They have two kids, Reed who is 14, and Ava who is 13. When she's not Jazzercising she enjoys running her Salon/Spa Sorelle. She loves watching her kids’ activities - football and dance. She is very fond of her cats!


Jazzercise Instructor

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Jazzercise Instructor

I’ve been married to my husband, Brian, for 29 years and we have three lovely daughters—Mackenzie, Carly & Lauren. I’ve been Jazzercising for over 15 years, and an instructor for the last 5 1/2. I have always been involved in some form of fitness including soccer, volleyball, step classes & Zumba (do I dare say that?!?) but fell in love with Jazzercise because of its balance of dance and strength training. Combine that with the friendships you make and it’s a winning combo! 

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